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Solid & Metallic colors - EuraBuild

A wide range of colors in gloss levels from Matte to High Gloss. Custom colors are possible (for all ranges) from 1.500 sqm. Many more colors readily available in our offline database.

Real zinc coating - EuraZinc

Zinc particles in the paint make this surface weather like real zinc. Benefits to real zinc are the low weight, high sustainability and price economy of aluminum.

Mirror surface - MirrorLite

Full reflective bright mirror design or a graceful matte. A low weight, flexible alternative for stainless steel.

100% Freedom of Design - AluDesign

Make any design into a facade design. Architects without fear can make buildings that stand out.

Transparent on Copper Substrate

A special product in our range is a transparent coating that is applied on a copper substrate. The effect of this coating is that the natural weathering of copper; the fact that it slowly turns green, is avoided.

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