Color ranges

Solid & Metallic colors

A wide range of colors in gloss levels from Matte to High Gloss. Custom colors are possible (for all ranges) from 1.500 sqm. Many more colors readily available in our offline database.

Metal aesthetics

AluNatur shows the pure metal aesthetics of aluminum. The raw beauty of the metal shines through the transparant coating.

Anodization Standard Colors

All European standard anodizing colors with the benefits of pre-painted aluminum.

Real zinc coating

Zinc particles in the paint make this surface weather like real zinc. Benefits to real zinc are the low weight, high sustainability and price economy of aluminum.

Textured paints

Textured surface finishes that are matte by design. The EuraTex Fine version is very comparable to powder coating, making it possible to match colors of facade panels and window frames.

Colorful Dual Tones

Dual Tone colors attract attention. Depending on the viewing angle of the observer this coating shows either the color of its base coat or that of the mica platelets in the clearcoat.

Pearl white

Sophisticated white dual tones.

Mirror surface

Full reflective bright mirror design or a graceful matte. A low weight, flexible alternative for stainless steel.

100% Freedom of Design

Make any design into a facade design. Architects without fear can make buildings that stand out.

Motives in freeform

Fantastic designs are possible by screen technology originating from the fabrics industry. Virtually any design is possible. New design developments from 2.500 sqm.

Wood design

Wood designs on aluminum by screen technology lead to a maintenance free, fire safe alternative to the real thing. Any wood design is possible.

Stone design

Lightweight alternative to real stone. Stone designs can be developed based on your original stone sample.

High Reflectivity Coating

Illumicoat is a pre-coated aluminum finish that offers optimum light reflection.