Metal aesthetics


Our complete range of AluNatur finishes is updated with immediate effect. This update implies two significant changes:

1. New paint formulations: Most of our AluNatur colors can, from Q3, 2018 only be delivered in a new specification.

2. Introduction of two quality grades that differ in production specification and can be identified by different product numbers:

LIVING GRADE: A natural surface appearance where color nuances and surface variations may be visible

FINE GRADE: A uniform surface aesthetic (observed from 5 meter distance)


AluNatur shows the pure metal aesthetics of aluminum. The metal substrate shines through the transparent coating.



Especially when a brushed substrate is used this gives a beautiful, raw look to the surface. This effect can be seen in image 1. A non brushed surface is shown in image 2. When the transparant paint layer is filled with a minimum of pigments, the color becomes semi transparant. This can be done for light colors. Dark colors are difficult because that affects the transparency of the paint layer.

The visibility of the metal substrate is only possible without a primer layer. This affects the durability of AluNatur finishes and leads to lower warranty periods than comparable non-transparent systems. Irregularities and color differences in the bare material are shown. Final coated product can slightly vary from sample. Order projects in one batch to minimize color differences. This is a primer-less coating system; no end-use in heavy industrial / corrosive environments. Strictly > 1.500 meters from saltwater sources.

Available finishes are:

AluNatur HDP - 1 layer HDP coating

AluNatur PUR-PA - 1 layer PUR-PA coating

Gloss Range: Ultra Matte (0.10 Gloss Units) - High Gloss (90 G.U.)

Aluminum Thickness: 0.5mm - 1.5mm

Maximum Coil Width: 1.600mm

Maximum Coil Length: Endless

Minimum Order Quantity: 6Mt (on request smaller volumes may be possible)