Stone design

Stone is widely used for facades for its natural design. However, stone is expensive and not easy to work with. More-over, when buildings go over four floors, the facade details are no longer visible from the ground. Than an alternative in aluminum is regularly used.

Stone designs are possible through our state of art screen technology. Up to three different colors can be used in a single design. Any repetitive design (640 mm repetition) can be matched in screen technology.


Available finishes are:

EuraDesign PVDF 3L - 3 layer PVDF coating

EuraDesign PVDF 2L - 2 layer PVDF coating

EuraDesign HDP - 2 layer HDP coating

EuraDesign PE - 2 layer PE coating

Sometimes a clearcoat (cc) is added to the surface to change the gloss level.

Designs can possibly be matched in alternative coating build-ups upon warranty necessity.

Gloss Range: Ultra Matte (0.10 Gloss Units) - High Gloss (90 G.U.)

Aluminum Thickness: 0.3mm - 1.0mm

Maximum Coil Width: 1.600mm

Maximum Coil Length: Endless (up to 10km)

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 running meters

Benefits of EuraDesign Stone:

- Low maintenance solution

- Low weight

- Value for money alternative