Colorful Dual Tones

EuraMica fliptones attract attention. Depending on the viewing angle of the observer this coating shows either the color of its base coat or that of the mica platelets in the clearcoat. The first four images show four different color tones from the same surface shown under different viewing angles.

A significant color change is possible, but going from completely white to black is not.



Available finishes are:

EuraBuild PVDF 4L - 4 layer PVDF coating

EuraBuild PVDF 3L - 3 layer PVDF coating

Sometimes one of the following additions is made:

LUM - Lumiflon clearcoat on PVDF finishes. Applied to change gloss levels and/or make the surface easier to clean

Gloss Range: Ultra Matte (0.10 Gloss Units) - High Gloss (90 G.U.)

Aluminum Thickness: 0.3mm - 2.0mm

Maximum Coil Width: 2.600mm

Maximum Coil Length: Endless (up to 10km)

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 running meters