• Torre Monvert, Santiago de Bahia, Brazil

    These two towers, designed by GMP and L35 architects, will feature an edge in Composite panels in EuraDesign Colonial Oak. An ideal solution for a sustainable wood look withou[...]

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  • Woodmaking day

    Today was wood-making day. Different designs in different colour shades. Not flammable, minimal maintenance and when bent in the right shape, it will even float light wood...

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  • Atwater 1111 Montréal, Canada

    Lemay and Neuf Architects designed 1111 Atwater in Montréal. A 37 stories high mixed use tower with some great apartments. Our customer Panfab will install the EuraBuild PVDF [...]

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  • Park Pavilion Hoge Veluwe

    De Zwarte Hond and Monadnock Architects designed the Park Pavilion at National Park De Hoge Veluwe. It is awarded by the Dutch Architects Foundation as best building of the ye[...]

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  • Nakdong River Bridge Remodeling in Busan South Korea

    Our customer Champlus has booked the Nakdong River Bridge project in Busan, South Korea. Our EuraMica PVDF 3L Pyrite Gold Silver will give a sophisticated shine to the 5.600 s[...]

    09 | 03 | 2021 Read more >
  • Westpoint residences in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    The Westpoint residential building in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was designed by Olympia park, Ltd. The apartment block is clad in very interesting coatings. EuraDesign HDP 2L Carbon Z[...]

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  • Boston Logan Airport Terminal E

    A great start of 2021! We have booked the contract to supply the new terminal E of Boston Logan Airport. Our EuraBuild FEVE 3L Boston Red Prismatic was custom developed for th[...]

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  • Chengdu Airport nearing completion

    Tianfu International Airport is the new airport of Chengdu. Planning to open in 2021, the first pictures of the roof look impressive. The standing seam roof design of 250.000 [...]

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  • Underground blue skies with AluDesign

    This week the Nuremberg driverless metroline 3 extended with a new station. Grossreuth bei Schweinau. The walls are clad with sky prints manufactured on the AluDesign printing[...]

    14 | 10 | 2020 Read more >
  • City Heating Enschede

    De Architecten Cie designed this "you love it or hate it project". City Heating Enschede was designed with our special sublimation basecoat. Delft Blue tile designs in a conte[...]

    18 | 09 | 2020 Read more >
  • Manhattan Tower Roermond

    The 15 stock Urban Residence "Manhattan" in our hometown Roermond is now finished. Kern Architecten designed the facade with our EuraMica PVDF 3L Solar Gold a tower that indee[...]

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  • Isala Hospital

    A state-of-art new hospital is designed by Vakwerk Architecten. It is the new Isala Hospital in Meppel, NL. With a focus on natural colours and daylight the building is design[...]

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  • Sopra Steria in Villeneuve

    Our sophisticated AluNatur PUR-PA Champagne Brushed will be used for the office building of Sopra Steria in Villeneuve, France. Designed by Architecture Studio, its facade fea[...]

    10 | 07 | 2020 Read more >
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand

    We are proud to have booked the roof extension project of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. Our EuraBuild PVDF 3L in Brilliant Silver will be applied.

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  • Residential block in Montreal

    We are grateful to be booking some beautiful projects again after a quieter time due to Corona. This week a residential block in Montreal, Canada, designed by Atelier Robitail[...]

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  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 10 years later

    In March 2020 we did our last check-up of the Ferrari World roof in Abu Dhabi. This project was probably the most iconic we have ever done and will do for a long time. The exc[...]

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  • Yotel Amsterdam

    Instead of one single solid block with a garden, the design of the BREEAM Excellent certified hotel comprises five pavillions of varying heights and an open ground floor. The [...]

    20 | 01 | 2020 Read more >
  • Chengdu Tianfu International Airport

    Tianfu International Airport is the new airport of Chengdu. The standing seam roof design of 250.000 sqm will lead the construction to become the third largest airport hub in [...]

    05 | 11 | 2019 Read more >
  • Eye Filmmuseum

    Eye Filmmuseum was opened on April 4th, 2012 and has since been an incredible eye-catcher at the river IJ in the heart of Amsterdam. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects desig[...]

    02 | 09 | 2019 Read more >
  • Erasmus Campus Student Hotel - Wrapped in Gold

    The student housing complex has a classical subdivision of plinth, body and crown. The facade is wrapped in gold-tinted aluminium panels, our EuraMica PVDF 3L - Pyrite Gold Si[...]

    18 | 07 | 2019 Read more >
  • Quality Hotel - Oslo

    In the Bodo area of Oslo a new Quality Hotel will become a dynamic new addition to the city's emerging waterfront. Two custom designed PVDF 3L finishes have been closely devel[...]

    10 | 07 | 2019 Read more >
  • Cancer Center Hospital Calgary - Canada

    The new Calgary Cancer Centre at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary will be a premier healthcare facility and academic centre providing cancer care services in Southern A[...]

    11 | 06 | 2019 Read more >
  • Pleijsier Bouw / Borghese

    This commercial construction along the highway in Nijkerk combines the offices of two companies; Pleijsier Bouw and Borghese Real Estate. The strong focus on environmental bui[...]

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  • Forever Green Tower in Tirana

    The "Forever green tower" in Tirana by Studio Archea from Italy will be a landmark building. It features our PVDF 2L in six different greens and blues used on Aluminium Composite Panels.

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  • Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia"

    Euramax will supply its EuraBuild PVDF 2L in RAL 9006 for Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia" extension by Bobotis + Bobotis architects. The material will be applied in the standing seam roof.

    21 | 05 | 2019 Read more >
  • AFAS Experience Center - Leusden (NL)

    AFAS is a successful dutch software development company. Their new experience center in Leusden (NL) consists of a main building with several spaces attached to it. The center[...]

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  • Hugo Boss Outlet Store – Metzingen

    The new flagship Hugo Boss Outlet Store in Outletcity Metzingen is designed by specialist retail architect Blocher Partners. It features our  EuraBuild PVDF 2L in Signal Black[...]

    26 | 03 | 2019 Read more >
  • Glitne Apartments

    The Glitne Apartments project in Umea is constructed on top of an existing retail center. In order to build as light as possible cross laminated wood was used as construction [...]

    28 | 02 | 2019 Read more >
  • ECCA Premium for PVDF 3L

    Euramax is proud to have been awarded with the ECCA Premium label by the European Coil Coating Association. The prestigious label assures colour durability, optimum corrosion [...]

    20 | 12 | 2018 Read more >
  • Jameel Arts Center in Dubai

    We are proud to supply our high performance EuraMica PVDF 3L FEVE in a beautiful Pure White Gold for the Jameel Arts Center in Dubai. Designed by #Serie Architects in the UK t[...]

    09 | 11 | 2018 Read more >
  • Museum of Western Australia - Perth

    Hassell Studio and dutch OMA have designed the New Museum for Western Australia in Perth that is planned to open its doors in 2020. The bottom of the modern box on top of the [...]

    23 | 10 | 2018 Read more >
  • EcoBank Accra Ghana

    Strategically located in the West Ridge, Accra's financial district, arc Architects from Pretoria developed the new office building of EcoBank. The 18 000 m² building is const[...]

    02 | 10 | 2018 Read more >
  • Information centre Berlin Marzahn

    The District Information Center by Partner & Partner Architekten in Berlin-Marzahn-Hellersdorf is one of the first buildings that is awarded the AktivPlus certificate. The[...]

    26 | 09 | 2018 Read more >

    Booked! We are proud to supply our AluNatur Bright Brushed in specialty 60 gloss for the interior of the 350m high Hanking Center Tower in Shenzhen. Morphosis and LWMA Archite[...]

    17 | 09 | 2018 Read more >
  • Manhattan Tower Roermond

    We are proud to supply the golden facade panels for the new ManhattanTower in Roermond, our home town. A custom developed gold dual tone will be used: EuraMica PVDF 3L Lum Sol[...]

    14 | 09 | 2018 Read more >

    Möbelhaus Rieger is a large store that sells furniture. A new outlet will be build in Heilbronn. The development is a brochure example of how Euramax likes to support great ar[...]

    31 | 07 | 2018 Read more >

    The new Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel consists of 300 hotel rooms and two congress halls and 19 additional conference rooms. The primary function will be a conference hotel. [...]

    17 | 07 | 2018 Read more >

    In the triangle of Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Clermont Ferrand is Rouanne, where in December 2018 the new local theater, Le Scarabée, opened. The design by Alain Sarfati architec[...]

    02 | 07 | 2018 Read more >

    The eye catcher of the facade of the QO Hotel in Amsterdam are its golden facade panels. They open & close automatically, depending on guest presence in the 288 rooms, wea[...]

    21 | 06 | 2018 Read more >

    Next to the train station in Uppsala a new hotel has been built in a former post office building. It features a bright golden faceted facade. Hotel Academia, designed by Archu[...]

    30 | 05 | 2018 Read more >
  • Booked: Etlik Health Campus in Ankara

    Our EuraBuild HDP ~ RAL7042 will be used on the roofing of the Etlik Health Campus in Ankara. The project includes a medical science university, an R&D center, eight healt[...]

    14 | 05 | 2018 Read more >
  • High reflective coating - IllumiCoat ultra matte

    IllumiCoat is a pre-coated aluminum finish that offers optimum diffuse light reflection. This implies that less light units or energy can be used while keeping an equal light [...]

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  • Curragh racecourse in Kildare

    The Curragh racecourse is Ireland's premier horse racing venue. Designed by Grimshaw architects a large canopied grandstand is expected to build up the anticipation of race da[...]

    25 | 04 | 2018 Read more >
  • Kop van Kessel extension

    Seven different EuraMica finishes colour eight connected buildings, situated near the Leuven train station and the Square of Martyrs. Such colorful metal cladding is seldom se[...]

    07 | 03 | 2018 Read more >

    West of Nantes, the new Collège Anne de Bretagne secondary school at St-Herblain stands out in the location as a feature linking a town park, various neighboring public utili[...]

    21 | 02 | 2018 Read more >

    The Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis, the main hospital of Delft has built a new parking garage. MH1 architects developed, in co-operation with Continental Car Parks an open parking [...]

    12 | 02 | 2018 Read more >

    The Thialf Ice Stadium in Heerenveen is the most important ice rink in the Netherlands. It holds many speed records for sea level ice rinks. In 2016 a major renovation was exe[...]

    29 | 01 | 2018 Read more >

    Euramax is proud supplier of Fondazione Prada; the art department of Prada. We supplied MirrorLite ACM panels.

    16 | 01 | 2018 Read more >

    The Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine is a classic example of our added value. Where most buildings are clad in a single color, here TLR architecture has introduced a great[...]

    19 | 12 | 2017 Read more >

    The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, located at legendary White Hart Lane, is designed by specialist architect Populous and will quickly become a landmark building in London. BE[...]

    14 | 11 | 2017 Read more >

    All across Europe new large distribution centers are being build, mainly along the highways. The architectural value of these are usually limited. Huge grey boxes are const[...]

    11 | 10 | 2017 Read more >