All across Europe new large distribution centers are being build, mainly along the highways. The architectural value of these are usually limited. Huge grey boxes are constructed by a need for maximization of square meters vs investment cost. To be honest, if there is no other consideration than cost alone a large grey shoebox is a good solution.

However, there are often good considerations to make the common solution uncommonly interesting at a only a relatively small on-cost. A building is a home of a company and sends a brand message to all those people that see the building every day from the highway.

Wehkamp, a large internet retailer from Holland, has opened a stunningly beautiful distribution center in Zwolle. The largest automated e-commerce distribution center in the world has a surface of 53.000 sqm. The complete facade has been clad with insulated panels in a smooth custom developed color flip; EuraMica Amethyst Purple Grey.

In addition to the exterior color the building is also uncommonly sustainable. On top of the building is  the largest solar panels field of The Netherlands that covers 40% of the energy need of the building. Togeher with other sustainable aspects the building scores a BREEAM Ëxcellent” certificate.

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