Erasmus Campus Student Hotel - Wrapped in Gold

The student housing complex has a classical subdivision of plinth, body and crown. The facade is wrapped in gold-tinted aluminium panels, our EuraMica PVDF 3L - Pyrite Gold Silver. Changing daylight creates a play of shadows along the harmonica-like pleated facade panels, which gradually vary from gold to silver when viewed from different angles. To give the building’s crown a subtle accent, the pleated pattern is reversed on the top level. Next to each window, the aluminum fold protrudes outwards, invisibly integrating acoustically attenuated ventilation. That way, fresh air can enter while traffic noise is blocked. The entire building is circular and was realised within one year, which was made possible by prefabricating the structure and facade elements, including the windows. Thanks to the efficient construction process, the building was ready to accommodate new students by the beginning of the academic year.

Images by mecanoo architecten

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