A legendary process

Coil coating or pre-painting is an industrialized process in which large metal coils go through a series of fully automated production steps prior to final fabrication stages.

The process was born in the 1950’s. Since then, the fundamental benefits of painting “in the flat” and subsequently bending and cutting the material into shape have not changed.

Today, an estimated 80% of metal roofs and facades are painted by coil coating.



  1. Sustainable process

    A fully in-house in process environment implies that no chemicals are directly released into the environment

    Continuous process developments have led to heavy metal free production

    98 percent of VOC's are eliminated by collecting VOC's from solvents and use of oxidizers to turn those compounds into fuel to for the ovens

  2. Consistent surfaces

    Stable line speeds and flat surface application ensure an even paint distribution within a production batch

    Line automation leads to optimum color stability between batches (important for large structure buildings)

  3. Durable products

    The end products are green, too. Prepainted metal is fully recyclable, and coil coated products are often made of recycled content

    The wide choice in available solutions offers an excellent color stability over building lifetime for every environment

    Excellent corrosion resistance is assured by the strong combinations of conversion layers, primers and topcoats

  4. Value for money

    Surface areas of over 500 sqm are economically ideal for coil coating applications; for smaller areas powder coating is often the right choice

    Coated aluminum is a price economic alternative for anodized and painted zinc surfaces