Essential choice in metal envelope performance

Coating type The paints we deliver come in a variety of coating types. The warranty periods on our products are also based on it. We supply a wide range of coatings: PVDF and FEVE are our premium choice. Alternatives are HDP and PE.

Warranty We offer warranty on a project by project basis. The reason for that is simple. A desert environment near the sea is simply more burden on the paint then a moderate European land climate and this has to be reflected in the warranty conditions.

We do offer warranty period indications on our products for initial specification. This overview acts as a rough indication, more details apply. Please contact us with geographic data of your building project for exact information.



This overview offers an indication of paint type performance and a basis for our warranty periods. Actual performance not only depends on coating type, but also on quality of application, number of layers, layer thickness, quality of pre-treatment, primer application and even quality of final panel manufacturing.

Let us help and be sure to boost your façade quality by choosing the right coating.

Coating build-up:

It is important to notice that it is not the resin alone that decides the coating character. Paint is build up from:

  1. Resins

    Form the coating film

    Determine the coating requirements

    Commonly used resins are Polyester, Polyurethan, PVDF and FEVE

  2. Pigments

    Give the coating its primary color

    For example: Titandioxide as white pigment or aluminium particles as metallics

  3. Additives

    Improve certain characteristics, for example: the speed of paint hardening or UV stability

    Also used as matting agent for low gloss paints

  4. Solvents

    Ensure an even distribution of resins, pigments and additives in the paint layer

    Evaporate during the coil coating process in the oven

    Have an important function in obtaining an even paint surface