Pre-painted aluminum:
A green solution for long lasting quality

SUSTAINABLE ALUMINUM Aluminum is known as the material of the future for its environmental character. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without loss of properties. The high value of aluminium scrap is a key incentive and major economic driver for recycling. Aluminum can therefore be thought of as a permanent material, and a critical technical nutrient within a Circular Economy framework. The sustainability benefit of aluminum recycling is that the considerable initial amount of energy invested in the production of primary aluminum can be passed on to future generations. Today, between 92% and 98% of building aluminum were found to be collected and recycled in Europe demonstrating aluminum’s pivotal role in the pursuit of full sustainability. (


A typical aluminum building product made in North America today contains less than 50 percent primary metal and over 50 percent recycled material. The recycled portion is often a combination of post consumer scrap (e.g. recycled auto parts, window frames, beverage cans) and pre-consumer (i.e. post-industrial) scrap. Generic aluminum products' material composition can be found in the Aluminum Association's Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents.


Aluminum is highly appreciated in the building industry for its long lifetime, low maintenance and the contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings. Aluminum coils and panels have a a high strength to weight ratio which enables lighter building constructions. Euramax has a track record of reference buildings with high LEED and BREEAM energy savings ratings.

  1. Aluminum character

    Lightweight and strong: Aluminum's high strength-to-weight ratio makes it especially useful for light weight, durable constructions

    Corrosion resistant and long lasting: Aluminum naturally generates a protective oxide coating that resists corrosion

    Flexible: Aluminum can be made into any form, shape, size and gauge without compromising material integrity and performance

    Safe: Aluminum building products and their surface treatments doe not present a hazard to occupants or the surrounding environment during use

    Fire safe: Aluminum alloys will not burn. Rather, aluminum mets at around 650 degrees Celcius.

  2. Chrome free coatings

    We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. Developing innovative products that meet all regulations and certifications are important to us and our customers. There are real environmental and cost benefits to making sure that our coatings meet all regulatory challenges. Providing a full line of tested and approved chrome-free primers for all applications is one of the many ways in which Valspar is doing its bit to minimise its environmental impact.