Euramax is a premium coil coater that delivers pre-painted metal to a wide range of leading cladding fabricators across the globe. Our coated aluminum is applied as the exterior surface of their cladding systems. We have two factories in The Netherlands and The United Kingdom and sales offices in The Middle East and China.

ACCELERATING PERFORMANCE IN METAL ENVELOPES. That is our mission. We believe that the right coating offers facades longer lifetime, better functionality and sustainability and of course great aesthetics. Integration of the panel and coating choice leads to high performance envelopes.

EuramaxLab is the gateway to a wide range of colors and metal cladding. We integrate our expertise in pre painted metal and the expertise of our partners in cladding fabrication. The result is a platform that provides architects a world of choice in metal cladding. The latest innovations, developments and end solutions will reach you through EuramaxLab.

Our partners are leading metal cladding manufacturers. They continuously develop, fabricate and sell state of art aluminum panels and profiles. We are proud to be their supplier and happy to bring you in contact with them. Scroll down for the complete list.


  1. 24 hour sampling service

    Metal chip sampling can be requested and delivered within 24 hours anywhere in Europe

  2. Precision color matching

    Accurate color matching service to meet your design criteria in only 8 days

  3. Mock up service

    Commitment to support your project in the development of mock ups.

  4. Connecting you to experts

    We know the right people at the right time to support your project

  5. Personal assistance

    Advice and inspiration on hand, just call +31475370341

Our partners: