Doctors practise

Architect Osorio Lobato
Location Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Sector Healthcare
Manufacturer MN GmbH

The Artois Medical Center is a health center at the Artoislaan 4 in Eindhoven. The project is a combination of renovation and new construction.

There was an on-site fitness center. From this center only the fitness area has been retained, the house was demolished to make way for expansion.

The maintained part has subsequently been substantially amended to the new program. To complete the two parts, the entire volume is covered with an aluminum facade plate with a three-layer white pearl lining.

There are several primary care providers in the center, including GPs, physiotherapists, obstetricians, various other healthcare providers and a pharmacy.

Photography by Dick Holthuis

Sinusoidal Profile 27/111

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Sinusoidal Profile 27/111

Sinusoidal Profile 27/111