Nanjing Lukou International Airport

Architect ADP Ingénierie
Location Nanjing, China
Sector Airport
Manufacturer Kalzip

In this design the curved facade of the terminal is surmounted by a sloping canopy roof which sweeps very low in order to allow natural light to strengthen the effect of the curve with its direct reference to the line of the horizon. The combination of the curving terminal and this particular line of sight positions Nanjing at the centre of the world.

The roof support beams undulate like dragons rising from the horizon and flying towards the sky. The slimmer beams of the facade create a perspective of openness and immensity.

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Standing Seam 65/305; 65/333; 65/400; 65/500

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Standing Seam 65/305; 65/333; 65/400; 65/500