School Schagen

Architect BRT Architecten
Location Schagen, Netherlands
Sector Educational
Manufacturer Alubel

The building is conceived as a modern travel machine inspired by Jules Verne's travel stories. Traveling in the wonderful contemporary world with the students and staff of the VMBO as 'crew'. Accidentally landed on the campus, centrally located on the promenade. The 'crew' goes on and off, learning and researching in the field of engineering, science, care and welfare, culture, art, languages, people and society under the guidance of the management team.

Shaped by the program, the facade takes a variety of directions. The metal facade, subtly profiled, changes in color depending on the viewing angle and the sunlight. The main entrance on the first floor is shaped like a big cut. The sunbathing louvres for the windows look like the cooling ribs of the travel machine in use.

Trapezoidal Profile 50/150

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Trapezoidal Profile 50/150